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Aligning commercial success with world-class R&D

We target start-up and emerging growth venture investments in businesses focussed on the development of financial and health technologies, or related fields. We also commercialise research from within RoZetta Institute (examples include SMARTS) and externally.

RoZetta Ventures’ mandate and approach is to:

Make investments between $1 million and $5 million

Invest in a relatively small number of companies

Work in a cooperative way with our investments to apply the people, resources and global network of industry partners from RoZetta Institute to make every investment a success

Use the financial returns to perpetuate the work of RoZetta Institute

How we’re different

It’s the expertise that RoZetta Ventures brings that makes having them as an investor so important for us. Working with people who have dealt with scaling ventures before is hugely beneficial. These guys have a track record of building sophisticated technology ventures and selling them for tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Their counsel, guidance and patience have been invaluable.   

– David Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, CIM Enviro

RoZetta Ventures in the news

RoZetta Ventures company InfiniGold has recently launched the Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT). This is the first gold token on a public blockchain backed by government-guaranteed gold.

PMGT lets investors conveniently trade and hold gold stored at The Perth Mint, digitally manage entitlements over the physical gold, convert and pick up gold bullion and get it delivered globally.

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