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Since 2001, our unique research ecosystem has delivered $2.4 billion in partner returns and savings

RoZetta Institute’s world-leading Industrial PhD Program (iPhD) delivers high-impact data research with a flexible project focus to answer key questions and create opportunities that don’t generally arise from day-to-day, fixed-task-based business activities.  A suitable iPhD Researcher to meet specific business needs can generally be found in one to two months.

RoZetta Institute is offering new industry partners a 30-day free trial of our iPhD Program.

Transformative iPhD outcomes include

  • Market fairness and efficiency
  • Competitive advantage
  • Enhanced decision-making ability
  • Bespoke technology
  • New products
  • Consumer trust
  • Substantial returns
  • New jobs
  • New skills
  • Added commercial opportunity
  • Permanent change to R&D capability
  • Future R&D leaders created

RoZetta Institute iPhD fact file


  • Cost: $80,000 p.a. for up to three years
  • Established in 2001
  • Over 140 graduates (65% in industry, 35% in academia, 5% in government)
  • Approximately 2500 industry questions answered
  • 1000 high-tech jobs created
  • 55 iPhD researchers currently embedded with industry partners, solving complex industry problems and delivering transformative outcomes

Past and present industry partners

Our research areas

RoZetta Institute delivers market-changing research in Finance and Energy.

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