RoZetta Institute Gateway platform

The RoZetta Institute Gateway platform enables world-class research. It delivers access to new and improved datasets and provides advanced cloud-based tools to analyse vast amounts of data.

RoZetta Institute Gateway integrates the powerful Databricks analytics engine. This commercial grade SaaS solution lets you create advanced analytics in the cloud or download data and work offline in your own environment.

RoZetta Institute Gateway lets you…


  • Work with large analytic datasets with greater granularity and instruments
  • Use pre-defined RoZetta Institute notebooks
  • Write your own scripts with SQL, R, Python or Scala
  • Achieve unparalleled insights via the extensive software library available in the open-source community


  • Join datasets based on your own logic
  • Leverage a wide range of point-and-click visualisations, scriptable options or your preferred existing tool


  • Improve teamwork and facilitate peer reviews with an integrated, multi-user workspace
  • Achieve transparency through notebook sharing
  • Track changes with anyone in the RoZetta Institute member community

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