Finance Centre

What we offer

Since 2001, the Finance Centre has been improving the quality of financial markets around the world, benefiting organisations and individuals who operate in them. We deliver credibility to institutions and help them build or regain consumer trust. The Finance Centre is led by Professor Andrew Lepone.

Who we help

  • Regulators and policy makers
  • Exchanges and other industry stakeholders
  • Listed companies and asset managers
  • Unlisted OTC companies and exchanges
  • New digital asset holders and managers
  • Academics
  • Financial institutions
  • Consumers

How we help

  • Embed hand-picked researchers from our world-leading Industrial PhD Program to solve specific challenges and develop commercially viable products
  • Utilise state-of-the-art data-research infrastructure to analyse and evaluate movement in financial markets
  • Provide processed metrics for high-level visualisation or detailed analysis
  • Customise research that applies robust econometric techniques and academic rigour for maximum effect

Our research areas

RoZetta Institute delivers market-changing research in Finance and Energy.

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