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How we deliver

Our world-leading Industrial PhD Program provides an entire research ecosystem that delivers and develops the people, technology and infrastructure to solve industry problems, deliver commercial outcomes, create business development opportunities and develop future R&D leaders.

Industry partner problem

Industry partner and RoZetta Institute scope work

Best partner university identified

Best Industrial PhD researcher found

RoZetta Institute trains researcher

Researcher embedded with industry partner for three years, supported by RoZetta Institute and university partner

Researcher utilises RoZetta Institute’s state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to solve the original problem and develop new opportunities

In many cases, researcher joins industry partner’s R&D team, delivering ongoing value

How we’re different

The RoZetta Institute Industrial PhD delivers ‘high-quality people who can actually prove that they can research, really understand problems, define what those problems actually are and apply rigorous analysis, using lots of data, to proving the point. Those are all very valuable skills to have in industry.’

– Peter Warne, Chair, Macquarie Group

Industry partners

For less than the cost of a standard starting salary, you access an entire ecosystem dedicated to answering your questions and changing your world.

Transform your R&D capability

University partners

Our unique research ecosystem provides the data that helps you deliver research with academic and industry impact. It has raised over $300 million in funding.

Join the program

Industrial PhD scholarships

Up to $50,000 p.a. tax free to deliver high-impact research for start-ups or multinationals, make a daily difference and develop multiple career pathways.

Shape your future

Our research

RoZetta Institute delivers market-changing research in a range of global contexts for our partners.

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