Director of Partner Relations and Program Office Lee-Ann Berger represented the Digital Health CRC at the launch of National Digital Health Strategy and Framework for Action. The Framework was developed in consultation with key health and consumer stakeholders and will act as a road map to high-quality digital healthcare. The strategy will help deliver improved services including digital baby books for new parents, and coordinated real time care for patients with chronic illnesses. Health professionals will no longer need to use fax machines to communicate key clinical reports, as they will transition to safe, using digital health services. The event was opened by Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt.

“My Health Record will help save and protect lives, and it will offer increasing clinical utility in our health system in the future. Key projects will be tested and scaled nationally to help deliver improved treatment decisions and coordination of care, and reduced hospital admissions and duplication of medical tests.” Mr Hunt said.

Lee-Ann Breger was also recently in attendance on the Fireside Chat: How the Digital Health CRC Can Help the Industry panel at the Medical Software Industry Association Stakeholder Forum and was well-received.