The sale of RoZetta Technology is a new example of the RoZetta group’s ability to commercialise research through partnership with industry.

RoZetta Ventures, the commercialisation arm of RoZetta Institute, has finalised the sale of RoZetta Technology Pty Ltd to a consortium led by the CEO of that business, David Sharp. The terms of the sale were not disclosed.

The sale continues RoZetta’s track record of developing Australian academic research into commercially valuable, globally adopted, best-in-class technology. Previous examples include SMARTS (the world’s leading big data trade surveillance and management platform; sold to Nasdaq in 2010) and Lorica Health (Australia’s leading fraud-detecting health software).

RoZetta Technology was established in 2005 as the commercial arm of the Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA). It became a RoZetta Ventures company following the 2018 merger between CMCRC and SIRCA, which created the RoZetta group.

RoZetta Technology built and ran Thomson Reuters Tick History (TRTH), ingesting over 10 billion orders and trades from 450 financial markets every day and serving 650 clients globally. Storing over 20 years of trading history, equating to multiple petabytes of data, TRTH let investment banks and hedge funds back-test algorithmic trading strategies.

More recently, RoZetta Technology has developed a new Tick History product for Morningstar’s global customer base.

RoZetta Technology’s expertise in managing and analysing large datasets is provided by a team of highly skilled developers, data analysts and data scientists. The company delivers cloud-engineering, data science and data consulting services to blue-chip clients across a number of industries, as well as designing, building and maintaining bespoke machine learning algorithms. It is also an AWS Advanced Consulting partner.


Delivering world-leading outcomes through collaboration

RoZetta Technology will remain an industry partner of RoZetta Institute, utilising the institute’s high-calibre Industrial PhD researchers to solve business problems and unlock new opportunities for customers. RoZetta Institute will also continue to provide the data services previously delivered by SIRCA to member universities to ensure Australian and New Zealand academics remain at the forefront of financial research.

Sean McCawley, CEO of RoZetta Ventures, said: ‘RoZetta Institute’s goal is to work collaboratively with industry and academia to develop and deliver world-leading outcomes resulting from solving industry problems. The sale of RoZetta Technology to the management team is another example of this unrivalled ability to commercialise research through partnership with industry.

‘Following the merger between CMCRC and SIRCA, the Institute’s support of RoZetta Technology has positioned that business to access growth capital from external investors and establish an opportunity to grow through provision of specialist data science consulting and development services to industry globally.’

David Sharp, CEO of RoZetta Technology, said: ‘The management team, and our investment partner, are excited to take RoZetta Technology on the next phase of its growth journey. Working as partners with our global client base, we will seize the opportunities presented through the intersection of our unique data science expertise, evolution of IOT sensors, cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence / machine learning, to drive business efficiency and create a new level of competitive advantage.

‘We thank the RoZetta Institute and Ventures Boards for their support and commitment to ensuring a successful future for RoZetta Technology.’