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    RoZetta was formed from the 2018 merger between Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (established 2001) and the Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (established 1997).

    Over 20 years’ experience managing, mining and visualising data allows us to deliver on our Mission and Vision Statement:

    “We invent and implement technology solutions that make markets better and generate transformative impact. Through collaborations with industry, universities and government that leverage our collective research resources, we empower people to improve their lives.”

    Headquartered in Australia but with a global reach due to the worldwide commercial application of our research and a network of international partners, RoZetta is made up of two core entities:

    • RoZetta Institute, our not-for-profit research centre delivering groundbreaking industrial research in a range of global market contexts, and providing data services to enable world-class research
    • RoZetta Ventures, our investment arm targeting start-up and emerging growth venture investments in private financial or health technology companies. It was founded with profits from the sale of the SMARTS Group to NASDAQ OMX. Financial returns from RoZetta Ventures are used to perpetuate RoZetta Institute.

    Management team

    Dr Andrew Lepone

    Chief Research Officer,
    RoZetta Institute

    Jodi Watson

    Company Secretary &
    Chief Financial Officer

    Sean McCawley

    Chief Executive Officer,
    RoZetta Ventures

    RoZetta Institute Board

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